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When our CEO, Paul Donahue, met his wife, Shiella Donahue, he was introduced to the Sisters of Mary, a school located in Cavite Province, Philippines. The school operates solely on donations, meaning the nuns who work there are all volunteers.

Every year, the Sisters of Mary go out to the poorest communities and look for children who have enough motivation and dedication to learn. The school gathers these children and hosts them for an entire school year.

The children reside on campus while receiving top-notch education and vocational courses. They are provided with basic needs, including food, clothing, and medical & dental services.

Father Aloysius Schwartz, the founder, believes that learning the universal language is one of the easiest ways out of poverty. So, the children are required to speak in English from Monday to Saturday. They can only converse in Filipino on Sundays.

In the Philippines, 5,000 boys and 5,000 girls are chosen yearly to go to the Sisters of Mary. There are two campuses in the country, and there are also similar-sized ones in other countries, such as Korea, Brazil, and Mexico.

A portion of Phoenix Support Services’ proceeds goes to the Sisters of Mary. Visit the Sisters of Mary’s website if you want to be part of this charitable cause as well. We believe that it’s an organization worth our attention.

A full shot of students and nuns of the Sisters of Mary with their achievement medals and awards.

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Feel free to contact us! If you have inquiries or questions about how you can donate to the Sisters of Mary, we can connect you to them. You can also reach out to us for other concerns, such as employment verification and career openings.